TiME SLips-DyNo Sheets 


Birth  Project 403   Track   Time Slips  ViDEOs

Hardcore Intake


VooDoo Goat

 New Best
40+100+75 Shot pump gas
10.95@123.46 all motor pump gas
Old setup 10.15@132.23 200 Shot pump gas
                11.43@118.69 all motor, pump gas

Best new Motor 175 Shot

Best New All Motor pump gas

best 200 Shot LS6

Best on Ls6 motor

Previous Best on 100 shot

The perfect pass

Best on motor

First 10 sec pass 50 shot

Best run 50 Shot

My First Goose egg

First outing with the new LS6

First Run with Kooks 

First 11 sec pass

More 11's


 LS1 Time Slips

First 1/4 mile outing

Best run N02 Run 100 shot

First 12  50 shot old motor


Dyno Sheets

Latest Dyno Run
(On Motor)

100 shot